Live TV … in your pocket

This isn’t exactly “social media,” but it is digital media — and extremely cool digital media, at that — so forgive me.

Last week, ESPN launched an app for Apple mobile products that made its network available to existing subscribers from Time Warner, Verizon and Bright House Communications.

If, like me, you’re fortunate to be among that company and, like me, you have an iPhone/iPod/iPad, you too can experience the future of TV watching. Out at class and away from your TV? Whip out your iPhone, click on the “WatchESPN” app and, in a matter of seconds, you have access to ESPN’s robust buffet of live programming options. And it’s not exactly bad quality, either:

A screenshot of the device, courtesy of All Things Digital


As far as I can tell, this app is the first of its kind to offer mobile devices a streaming option for live TV. According to the article linked above, both Time Warner and Cablevision launched iPad apps that offer live cable programming to customers, but only within the confines of their homes.

This, however, is a game-changer. Could it herald the arrival of other network-specific apps? There seem clear advantages for a channel like NBC wanting its “30 Rock” fans to watch the show when they’re away from home as opposed to missing it entirely. After all, while the ESPN app doesn’t yet offer ads, they will be coming in a matter of months

Is this the wave of the future? And if so, just how near is a future where we’re saturated with apps like this? Comment below with your thoughts.


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